Sweet Gum : Range


The sweet gum is native to the Eastern region of Connecticut and southward to Central Florida and Eastern Texas. It can be found in areas of the United States North and South of these regions. The sweet gum is also found in Central Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, and Honduras. In the United States it is often found growing at low elevations because of its preference for moist soils and swamp-like environments. In spite of this preference, it is one of the most adaptable hardwood species and will grow in a variety of different soil types. It is also considered to be shade intolerant and grows best in areas of full sunlight.



We have two sweet gum trees on campus. They can be found on Athletic Campus to the left of the walking path by the underground tunnel to the Davis Center. They seem to be growing moderately well. They were newly planted and have only reached a canopy radius of 2ft. and a diameter at breast height of 2 inches. Hopefully the soil conditions are moist enough for the trees to continue to grow. The conditions of the trees, as well as where they are on campus, can be located through the UVM Trees Website.