Memorial Auditorium defining Burlington in the 1980s

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Memorial Auditorium defining Burlington in the 1980s


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Ira Allen Chapel
Ira Allen Chapel is a historic chapel and current lecture hall at the University of Vermont

Fugazi Poster 1989
A poster for Fugazi playing at the Memorial Auditorium in 1989 in Burlington, Vermont

Teens Have a Place to Call Their Own - Burlington Free Press
A 1987 Burlington Free Press article about 242 Main, in the basement of Memorial Auditorium. Describes how important the venue was to teenagers at the time.

At 242 Main, there's no band too small, no noise too loud - Burlington Free Press
A Burlington Free Press article from 1998, describes 242 Main and its broader influence in the community. Mentions both the changing music at the venue and the still overwhelming support of punk rock.

A short video of a concert by a local punk band named Leeway at 242 Main in Burlington

Dance on Main
A short description of the 242 Main venue, including a description of the alcohol and membership policy

Leeway Performing in 1995
A picture of the band Leeway performing in 1995 in 242 Main in Burlington, Vermont

Final 242 Main show
A poster for the final concert at 242 Main, which is a collage of many previous concert posters from the venue.
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