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  • wright, Wesley (2012-03-05
      A simple Mann-Kendall trend test was applied to the Mount Mansfield Summit weather data. The data set includes the daily maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation, new snow fall, and total snow depth. The mean annual maximum and minimum temperature, precipita- tion, and snow depth measurements were calculated for each year, and the results were analyzed by a simple Mann-Kendall trend test. Results suggest that over a 50+ year period the minimum daily temperature, precipitation, and snow depth have risen, while the maximum daily tempera- ture has remained steady.
  • Wright, Wesley (2010-12-03
      Young William, age 9, enjoys one if the many terrain parks at Whistler Mountain, British Columbia
  • Clapp, James (2010-11-11
      Young boy tries freestyle trick early ski season 2010 at Killington, vermont
  • Wright, Wesley (2008-02-11
      Unidentified skier enjoys a perfect powder run
  • Wright, Wesley (2006-02-08
      Young William Wright (Age 5) skis Mad River Glen

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