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  • McMahon, Peg (2005-10-21
      Compliance with safe pesticide use regulations is an important part of greenhouse management. Having proper safety equipment, ventilation (such as a fume hood), and other safety measures in place is required.
  • McMahon, Peg (2005-10-21
      A safety shower is an important component of chemical and pesticide safety. It is recommended that the water coming out of the shower be tempered to near room temperature to prevent shock.
  • Greenberg, Hope (2006-11-08
  • Koliba, C.; DeMenno, M.; Brune, N.; Zia, A. (Energy Policy, 2014
      Smart grid deployment unfolds within a diverse array of multi-institutional arrangements that may be too fragmented and decentralized to allow for the kind of large-scale and coordinated investments needed to properly deploy the smart grid. This case study provides an account of how one state arranged for and eventually deployed smart grid technology to over 85 percent of its resident. The study asks: does the deployment of the smart grid introduce new socio-political variables into the electricity distribution industry? To make sense of the socio-political variables shaping the industry and regulators, the Salience-Complexity Model is used to assess whether the smart grid raises or lowers the level of public scrutiny caste upon the industry (issue salience) and the level of technical capacity needed to execute and utilize the smart grid (technical complexity). The conclusions to be drawn from this study include: smart grid technology heightens the issue salience and the technical complexity of electricity distribution, but that the smart grid will likely not have a significant impact on the restructuring of electricity regulation. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Wilson, Sandra (2005-12-20
      Salvia plants in full bloom are on trial at Hem Genetics.
  • Greenberg, Hope (2013-10-16
  • Unknown author (2005-03-17
  • Unknown author (2005-03-17
  • Unknown author (2005-03-17
  • Unknown author (2005-03-17
  • Unknown author (2005-03-17
  • Heleba, David (2005-11-30
      Outside image of saw-toothed greenhouse range. Fiberglass panels on lower half of greenhouse are discolored due to age.
  • Tignor, Milton (2005-03-17
      Training Greenhouse primarily dedicated to classroom teaching and demonstration at University of Arizona. This style of greenhouse takes advantage of prevailing winds for passive cooling (wind direction from left on this image).
  • Zia, A.; Koliba, C.; Meek, J.; Schulz, A. (Policy and PoliticsPolicy Polit., 2015
      Metropolitan planning organisations (MPOs) present a unique opportunity as real-world laboratories to investigate the dynamics of scale and performance management in polycentric governance networks. Using a 2009 Government Accountability Office survey of all 381 MPOs, this study examines whether the scale and intensity of collaboration of an MPO influences performance management; and tests two hypotheses: (1) small-scale MPOs have a significant performance management gap; (2) larger-scale MPOs with higher scale and intensity of collaboration have a smaller performance management gap. Regression models predict performance management gaps across 15 indicators. Theoretical implications concerning scale and collaboration in polycentric governance networks are discussed.
  • Kobos, P. H.; Erickson, J. D.; Drennen, T. E. (2003
      This article reports on a simulation and scenario analysis of Chinese passenger vehicle growth and resulting energy demand and CO2 emissions, Pie model includes provincial level logistic, growth functions with saturation levels representative of neighboring Asian economies, income growth measured in international dollars, and both estimated and literature-based income elasticities. Scenarios explore variation in key, parameters, including income and population growth rates, elasticity income ranges fuel economy, and vehicle saturation. Countrywide base case results estimate growth from 4.22 to 54.33 passenger vehicles per thousand people from 1995 to 2025, Resulting passenger vehicle oil demands and CO2 emissions increase nearly 17-fold.
  • Farley, J.; Miles, B. (2008
      While as scientists ecological economists pursue objectivity and empiricism, as problem solvers we strive to move our policy solutions to pressing problems onto the political agenda. To what extent is a rigorous scientific understanding of sustainability issues necessary and sufficient for creating more sustainable policies? If it is not, what are the obligations of scientists who understand the threats to sustainability to act on their understanding? We use a case study of Katrina to show that impartial science alone is inadequate to achieve our ends. Ecological economics and market fundamentalists are those currently receiving the most consideration, which exacerbates the problems as defined by ecological economists. As scientists and problem solvers, ecological economists must empirically study the public policy process to learn how to promote our policy solutions. We therefore assess two schools of thought concerning public policy - the market model and polis model. The market model of the public policy process assumes that policy makers rationally analyze the options available to achieve a specific goal then choose the one that maximizes utility. The polis model in contrast assumes that policy makers are not consistently rational but respond instead to the strategic presentation of situations using stories and symbols more than value-neutral facts. We argue that the polis model is a more accurate empirical interpretation of the policy process, and therefore, to be good scientific problem solvers, ecological economists must rely on emotionally charged stories that explain the significance of their scientific research instead of impartial presentation of empirical evidence.
  • Villa, Ferdinando; Bagstad, Ken; Johnson, Gary; Voigt, Brian (Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales (Agricultural and Resource Economics), 2011
  • Unknown author (2010-12-03
  • Ruggiero, Peter; Kaminsky, George M; Gelfenbaum, Guy; Voigt, Brian (Journal of Coastal Research, 2005
  • Wilson, Sandra (2005-12-20
      Bulk seed is dropped into machine that removes chaff and other debris to ready seed to be packaged for sale.

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