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  • Tignor, Milton (2004-08-11
      Tomatoes are packaged for the fresh market in a variety of container styles. Various packages may be demanded by retail outlet chains. These tomaotes were produced hydroponically in a desert climate by a large multinational corporation. Interestingly, no synthetic pesticides are used at this operation which has 140 acres under glass.
  • Muller, Keona (2006-04-05
      Image of worker bundling and packing cut flowers and foliage for export.
  • Wichman, Tom (2006-04-05
      Worker wrapping unusual tropical flower in paper and packing in crate for export.
  • McMahon, Margaret (2004-10-18
      Shows how difficult it can be to move plants out of long, non-moving benches
  • Moyer, Matt (2006-04-03
      Once small orchids have grown roots to fill container they are removed from pot and packed loosely together for shipment.
  • Fang, Wei (2005-05-17
      Pad and Fan system is one of the evaporative cooling methods. This software provides tool to design pad and fan system based on user-selected 3 types of algorithms, 9 model of fans and 4 thickness of pads.
  • Wilson, Sandra (2006-03-21
      Vannucci Piante Nursery has 115 hectares of above-ground container production of large trees and shrubs. Growing such large plants in containers requires precision, technology and skill, but it is more environmentally friendly. The media they use in their pots is compost-based with peat, coir, and rice hulls. The tall columnar conifers at the back of this image are Cupressus sempervirens '€˜Pyramidalis'.
  • Tignor, Milton (2005-03-17
      boxes of yellow tomato ready to be shipped
  • Muller, Keona (2006-04-03
      The pathway winds along and disappears around a corner under the canopy of palm trees.
  • Wilson, Sandra (2006-05-15
      Bench full of pansies in flower.
  • unknown (2004-02-02
      The famous Parachute – Ski Race was scheduled 4 times. It was the only bona-fide Parachute ski race ever run. This photo was taken in 1963.
  • Roman, J.; Darling, J. A. (Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 2007
      There is mounting evidence that reduced genetic diversity in invasive populations is not as commonplace as expected. Recent studies indicate that high propagule vectors, such as ballast water and shellfish transplantations, and multiple introductions contribute to the elimination of founder effects in the majority of successful aquatic invasions. Multiple introductions, in particular, can promote range expansion of introduced populations through both genetic and demographic mechanisms. Closely related to vectors and corridors of introduction, propagule pressure can play an important role in determining the genetic outcome of introduction events. Even low-diversity introductions have numerous means of avoiding the negative impact of diversity loss. The interaction of high propagule vectors and multiple introductions reveal important patterns associated with invasion success and deserve closer scrutiny.
  • unknown (2004-02-02
      The constant freeze-thaw cycles encouraged the early Turner Lodge owners to collaborate in helping skiers get to the mountain.
  • Wilson, Sandra (2006-05-15
      The Parral greenhouse is a simple, low-cost structure with natural ventilation and is the most representative greenhouse style in Almeria, Spain. The roof in this image can be rolled up to allow ventilation.
  • Wilson, Sandra (2006-05-15
      Parral greenhouse under construction. The structure is simple and relatively inexpensive. Note that the structure does not need to be heavy duty as there is no snow loads in this region of the world.
  • Wilson, Sandra (2006-05-15
      Parral style greenhouses - most representative greenhouse style in Almeria, Spain - are relatively inexpensive and simple greenhouse ranges designed for natural ventilation (parts of roof can be rolled up for cooling).
  • Buchholz, T. S.; Volk, T. A.; Luzadis, V. A. (Energy Policy, 2007
      Availability of and access to useful energy is a crucial factor for maintaining and improving human well-being. Looming scarcities and increasing awareness of environmental, economic, and social impacts of conventional sources of non-renewable energy have focused attention on renewable energy sources, including biomass. The complex interactions of social, economic, and ecological factors among the bioenergy system components of feedstock supply, conversion technology, and energy allocation have been a major obstacle to the broader development of bioenergy systems. For widespread implementation of bioenergy to occur there is a need for an integrated approach to model the social, economic, and ecological interactions associated with bioenergy. Such models can serve as a planning and evaluation tool to help decide when, where, and how bioenergy systems can contribute to development. One approach to integrated modeling is by assessing the sustainability of a bioenergy system. The evolving nature of sustainability can be described by an adaptive systems approach using general systems principles. Discussing these principles reveals that participation of stakeholders in all components of a bioenergy system is a crucial factor for sustainability. Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) is an effective tool to implement this approach. This approach would enable decision-makers to evaluate bioenergy systems for sustainability in a participatory, transparent, timely, and informed manner. Published by Elsevier Ltd.
  • Dizzia, Lee (2005-01-28

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