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  • McMahon, Peg (2005-08-26
      One of the simplest type of sprayers is the backpack type.
  • McMahon, Peg (2006-07-07
      Backpack sprayers are useful for spot applications of pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Giacomelli, Gene (2005-05-05
      Diesel generator used to power electrical systems and control during a power outtage.
  • Sanders, J. G.; Beichman, A. C.; Roman, J.; Scott, J. J.; Emerson, D.; McCarthy, J. J.; Girguis, P. R. (Nature CommunicationsNat. Commun., 2015
      Mammals host gut microbiomes of immense physiological consequence, but the determinants of diversity in these communities remain poorly understood. Diet appears to be the dominant factor, but host phylogeny also seems to be an important, if unpredictable, correlate. Here we show that baleen whales, which prey on animals (fish and crustaceans), harbor unique gut microbiomes with surprising parallels in functional capacity and higher level taxonomy to those of terrestrial herbivores. These similarities likely reflect a shared role for fermentative metabolisms despite a shift in primary carbon sources from plant-derived to animal-derived polysaccharides, such as chitin. In contrast, protein catabolism and essential amino acid synthesis pathways in baleen whale microbiomes more closely resemble those of terrestrial carnivores. Our results demonstrate that functional attributes of the microbiome can vary independently even given an animal-derived diet, illustrating how diet and evolutionary history combine to shape microbial diversity in the mammalian gut.
  • Wilson, Sandra (2005-10-18
      potted plants evaluated in Ball greenhouses.
  • Muller, Keona (2006-04-03
      Ball Seed's Costa Rican facility.
  • Muller, Keona (2006-04-03
      Beautiful image looking down winding brick-edged path through bamboo grove.
  • Muller, Keona (2006-04-03
      Bamboo shed in background blends perfectly along forest edge.
  • Heleba, David; Armstrong, Colleen (2005-11-23
      The two bands on this whitefly (Trialeurodes abutilonea) are easy to see (upper left of dime). Whitefly is an important pest of many greenhouse crops. Knowing which species you have is just as important for treatment.
  • Muller, Keona (2006-03-23
      Bareroot dracaena stalks ready to be bundled.
  • Unknown author (2005-06-20
  • Unknown author (2005-06-20
  • Wilson, Sandra (2005-06-01
      Bedding plant production-wooden framed benches on cement blocks
  • McMahon, Margaret (2005-01-06
      Bedding plants on ground with hanging baskets over head (shows how space is utitilized efficiently). Also shows shadows.
  • McMahon, Margaret (2004-10-13
      Bedding plants on ground with hanging baskets over head (shows how space is utitilized efficiently). Also shows HAF’s
  • McMahon, Margaret (2005-11-18
      Many bedding plants such as these ornamental cabbage are grown on the floor of greenhouses. A weed barrier such as landscape cloth is necessary to keep weeds from groing
  • Tignor, Milton (2005-03-18
      Bumble bees are used for the pollination of the tomato flowers. They work any time the sunlight is out. Bees are very efficient pollinators and they’re more economical than human laborers.
  • Kubota, Chieri (2005-05-21
  • McMahon, Margaret (2004-10-13
      Begonia leaf cuttings
  • McMahon, Margaret (2004-10-13
      Irregular development of begonia plantlets from leaf cuttings

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